Goodbye Greenscreen leverages the power of AI to make keying as easy and fast as possible. You can create mattes without any manual masking or keyframing.

Download Aescripts Goodbye Greenscreen V1.13.3 WIN and experience top-notch tools to meet your creative needs. Our site also offers a wide range of templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, LUTs, royalty-free sound effects, and more.

Goodbye Greenscreen harnesses AI to streamline the keying process, eliminating the need for manual masking or keyframing.


Auto masking

  • Effortlessly create masks for portrait and full-body shots. This feature functions similarly to video conferencing filters but is optimized for video production.
  • Combine video footage with a clean plate to generate a matte, enabling you to create keyable scenes without a green screen. This advanced difference matte technique offers unparalleled results.

Color Keying

  • Utilize the AI-based color keyer for traditional greenscreen setups, ensuring precise and efficient keying.

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