This plugin works with Adobe Photoshop 2021+

Creating different types of shadows and realistic blur in Adobe Photoshop becomes as easy as never before with Shadowify 2! All you have to do is drag a few sliders – the generated shadow will update according to your adjustments.

Shadowify 2 provides 6 individual panels, carefully put together to simplify specific use cases the best way possible. All of them come with additional customization options to make the interface fit your personal workflow and preference. Of course you can also save your favorite settings as presets for later use.

These are the use cases Shadowify is built for:

  • Drop shadows
  • Flat Shadows
  • Perspective Shadows
  • Card Shadows (controllable warp)
  • Smart-Filter Blur (angled blur)
  • Selective Blur (smoothly blur away from a target)

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