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Credit Card / Debit Card Number Checker tool is designed to check the validity of Credit Card / Debit Card Number and check the (BIN) base on updated database. The tool support all major Credit Card & Debit Cards brands such as as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club,JCB & Voyager. Currently, there are more than 300,000 unique BIN in our database.

Kindly take note that, the database is accurate but not perfect.

The tool is provided for informational purposes only. Whilst every effort is made to provide accurate data, users must acknowledge that this website accepts no liability whatsoever with respect to its accuracy. Only your bank can confirm the correct bank account information. If you are making an important payment, which is time critical, we recommend to contact your bank first.

Verify, Validate & Check Credit Card Details Online

Now authenticate all types of credit card numbers, as our tool is here to facilitate you. It is based on robust algorithms that effectively check whether the entered credit card is valid. Retrieving the associated details only takes a few seconds, validating their legitimacy.

Online businesses can leverage our cc checker to streamline their payment methods. Not only it helps to avoid fraud and chargebacks, but it also reduces payment processing errors.

Whenever you’re required to process and accept online payment, check the credit card number with the help of our tool. It will work like magic to protect you from loss.

The simple is this—if the given credit card number is not standardized, it quickly flags it as invalid. This way, it prevents you from fraudulent activities—just in time.

Empower your system with our useful credit card checker for free. There are no subscription charges. Anyone can use our tool to their advantage without any limitations.

What Is Credit Card Verification?

Credit card verification is validating the legitimacy of a credit card number. This process gains importance as monetary affairs become online and even more sensitive.

The credit card numbers are generated under specific protocols and rules. Various advanced algorithms are used to validate a credit card number without contacting the issuing company. For instance, our online CC checker gives you the room to validate the credit card at any time, at any place where you have internet access. All in a split of seconds.

How Does Our Credit Card Validator Work?

To verify if the credit card is valid, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Credit Card Validator.
  • Enter the “Credit Card Number” in the provided section.
  • Click on the “Validate Now” button.
  • The tool validates whether the credit card is genuine or not.

The advanced Luhn Algorithm enables our credit card checker to cross-check the following information and display the cc authentication status:

  • Luhn Algorithm Check
  • Major Industry Identifier
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Identification Number (BIN/IIN)
  • Primary Account Number (PAN)
  • Network/Brand
  • Checksum

If the result indicates that the card number is valid, you can confidently proceed to accept online transactions. Whereas if the card is invalid, then refrain from completing the transaction. Simply ask for an alternative form of payment to protect against potential fraud.

How to Interpret the Credit Card Validator Results?

It is essential to be familiar with the following technical terms to understand the credit card verification report:

Major Industry Identifier (MII): The first digit of a credit card number. It identifies the industry or category of the card issuer. The various MII numbers represent the following categories.

  • 0: ISO / TC 68 and other industry duties
  • 1: Airlines
  • 2: Airlines, finance, and other future industry duties
  • 3: Travel and leisure
  • 4: Banking and finance
  • 5: Finance and banking
  • 6: Sales and banking/finance
  • 7: Petroleum and other future industry tasks
  • 8: Healthcare, telecommunications, and other future industry tasks
  • 9: For the appointment of national standards bodies

Bank Name: The financial institution that issued the credit card. It helps identify the card issuer responsible for the account.

Bank Identification Number (BIN/IIN): A six-digit number is present at the beginning of a credit card number. It uniquely identifies the issuing bank or financial institution. You can use a BIN checker to check BIN separately.

Primary Account Number (PAN): The series of digits that comprise the credit card number, excluding the MII and BIN. It serves as the unique identifier for the credit card account.

Network/Brand: It refers to the payment processing network associated with the card. Examples include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc. Different networks may have varying acceptance and usage policies.

Checksum: The last digit of a credit card number, also known as the verification digit. It is generated using a mathematical algorithm, such as the Luhn algorithm, to validate the entire credit card number’s accuracy.

All of this is verified with the help of the Luhn Algorithm. If the Luhn Algorithm Check fails, our tool will display “Your credit card is invalid,” whereas if it succeeds, you’ll see “Your credit card is valid.”

What Are the Benefits of Using a Credit Card Checker Online?

Our credit card validator brings numerous benefits to businesses and finance professionals.

Check Multiple Card Types:

Our credit card validator allows you to validate credit card numbers of multiple card types. That includes but is not limited to Visa, Master Card, China Union, Maestro, etc.

Streamline Payment Processing:

It equips their payment processing systems with an automated and error-free credit card number validation solution. It ensures quick and easy verification of credit card numbers, minimizing interruptions during transactions and preventing payment processing errors and chargebacks in real-time.

Safe to Use:

DNSChecker ensures that all featured tools, including credit card validator, are safe and secure. You can confidently rely upon our cc checker to find and cross-check all the details associated with a credit card number. It will keep your data confidential and protected from unauthorized access. Rest assured that once the verification process is completed and you reload the page, your entered details are automatically removed from our system.

Free to Use:

Use our credit card checker to protect your business from fraudulent activities, as it is accessible for free. There’s no need to pay even a single dime to verify credit card ownership. Leverage it as much as you want—anywhere, anytime.

How Does the Luhn Algorithm Validate Credit Card Numbers?

The Luhn algorithm is employed in the online cc checker to validate a credit card number. It is also known as the MOD 10 algorithm. A famous scientist Hans Peter Luhn developed its formula at IBM.

Let’s consider an example to understand how Luhn Algorithm works.

Suppose we have a credit card number 347609692102916 and want to check whether it’s valid.

  • Take the last digit 6. That is our check digit.
  • Now take the rest of the sequence 34760969210291.
  • Double every other digit starting from the right 3,8,7,12,0,18,6,18,2,2,0,4,9,2.
  • Sum up the digits of the products 12 = 1 + 2 = 3, same with 18, which gives you 9.
  • Add all the digits together 3+8+7+3+0+9+6+9+2+2+0+4+9+2 = 64.
  • Multiply the result by 9 (64 * 9 = 576).
  • Take the last digit of the result 6. If this matches the check digit, then we have a valid sequence.

Since our check digit 6 matches our result 6, we conclude this sequence is a valid credit card number.

Our cc checker does this precisely, based on the edge-cutting Luhn Algorithm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some valuable information regarding credit card validation? We are here to have you all covered. Let’s find out everything you need to know.

What is a credit card number?

The credit card number, or PAN (Primary Account Number), is the long number embossed on the front of your credit card. The number contains essential information strategically organized and internationally standardized. That information includes the cardholder’s name, security code, account number, issuing bank name, and expiration date.

Is there any alternative method other than Luhn Algorithm to validate the credit card number manually?

There is another method, and it’s simple to use. Suppose we have a credit card number 347609692102916 and want to check whether it’s an actual credit card number.

  • Double every second digit from the rightmost 3,8,7,12,0,18,6,18,2,2,0,4,9,2,6.
  • Sum the digits of the products 12 = 1 + 2 = 3, same with 18, which gives you 9.
  • Add all the digits together 3+8+7+3+0+9+6+9+2+2+0+4+9+2+6 = 70.
  • The credit card number is valid if the sum is a multiple of 10.

Does every credit card number have the same prefix and length?

Each credit card issuer follows a varying format. Usually, credit cards have 13, 14, 15, or 16 digits, whereas some may have 19 digits. The following list will help you understand the prefixes and lengths of famous credit card numbers:

  • AMEX: start with 34 or 37 and has 15 numbers.
  • Diners: start with 300, 301, 302, 303, 36, or 38 and has 15 numbers.
  • Discover: start with 6011 and has 16 numbers.
  • Enroute: start with 2014 or 2149 and has 16 numbers.
  • JCB 15: start with 2100 or 1800 and has 16 numbers.
  • JCB 16: start with 3088, 3096, 3112, 3158, 3337, or 3528 and has 16 numbers.
  • MasterCard: start with 51, 52, 53, 54, or 55 and has 16 numbers.
  • Visa: start with 4539, 4556, 4916, 4532, 4929, 40240071, 4485, 4716, or 4, and has 13 or 16 numbers.
  • Voyager: starts with 8699 and has 13 or 16 numbers.

What does credit card live or dead means?

Credit card live or dead, refers to the activation status of a credit card number. If the credit card is live, it indicates that the cc number is actively working, whereas if the credit card is dead, it denotes that the credit card number is no longer in use or belongs to someone.

Is my credit card safe?

The following tips will help you to protect your credit card. However, these points are not limited to credit cards. You can apply to all the institutional cards you can use for financial transactions.

  • Sign your credit card as soon as you receive it.
  • Take care of your credit card like your cash currency.
  • Protect your PIN. Memorize it. Never write it down.
  • Always return your credit card from the salesperson or the waiter whenever you use it.
  • Shred receipts containing your account information, especially when you do not need it.
  • Frequently review your account statement to ensure it includes all your transactions.
  • Make a list of your credit card numbers and customer support numbers in your phonebook so you can immediately contact them in case of any emergency.
  • Consider filing a police report in case of any theft.
  • Do not use the public wireless connection for financial transactions.
  • While making an online purchase, prefer the brand’s website or purchase from a well-known online store like Amazon or Alibaba.

Magic Button – 2D FX animation toolkit [After Effects + Pre-rendered clips]


Play preview video

This is a powerful toolkit which allows creators to easily add professional hand-drawn FX-animations to their own projects. An important feature of this product is the presence of the Organic, Comic, Snow, and Ice elements, besides common sets: Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Liquid, and Energy. With the Brainstorm tool capabilities, generating new 2D FX combinations has never been so easy and convenient.

The product is designed for Adobe After Effects, but you can use pre-rendered clips with all non-linear editing tools support mattes and compositing programs like Sony Vegas, Edius, Photoshop etc.


  • RTFX extension for Mac OS and Windows(After Effects CC2019.1+):
  • Over 900 FX elements
  • 60 typography elements
  • Pre-rendered clips(MOV + Alpha)
  • Resizable compositions
  • 24-30 frames per second

















Update 23.01.2023: – RTFX extension v.3.4.1 – bug fixes (SWF and authorization issues) – MOV(PNG) clips pack – SFX for Logo reveals are free now


Some materials in the promo video licensed under a Creative Commons BY Video 1,Video 2,Video 3,Photo


Feel free to contact us via if you have any questions about the product
After Effects Version: CC
Files Included: After Effects Project Files
Resolution: Resizable
File Size: 2.41GB
Tags: 2d, after effects, all in one, animation, anime, arrows, bundle, cartoon, comic, drag and drop, elecricty, elements, energy, explosion, fire, flash, flat, fx, game, gamedev, generator, graphics, hand drawn, ice, instagram, intro, liquid, logo, logo reveals, lower thirds, magic, magic button, matte, morphing, organic, pack, promo, rtfx, seamless transitions, smoke, snow, sound fx, sparks, text, titles, transitions, typography, vfx, youtube


A “CC checker” typically refers to a tool or software used to verify the validity of credit card numbers (CC stands for credit card). It’s important to note that while these tools can confirm if a credit card number is valid in terms of its structure (i.e., it follows the correct pattern for a credit card number), they cannot determine if the card is active, has sufficient funds, or is authorized for a transaction.

Here’s a breakdown of how a CC checker generally works:

  1. Validation of Structure: The checker verifies whether the credit card number follows the appropriate format for the card network (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.). This includes checking for the correct number of digits, starting digits, and other characteristics specific to each network.
  2. Checksum Verification: Credit card numbers contain a mathematical formula known as a checksum, which helps ensure the number is valid. The CC checker will apply this formula to the provided number to verify its integrity.
  3. Issuer Identification: Some CC checkers can also determine the issuing bank or financial institution associated with the card number. This is done by analyzing the first few digits of the card.
  4. Bulk Checks: Some CC checkers allow for bulk checking, meaning they can process multiple credit card numbers at once, which can be useful for businesses or individuals handling a large volume of transactions.

It’s important to emphasize that using a CC checker for any illegal activities, such as attempting to use stolen credit card information, is highly unethical and against the law. These tools are intended for legitimate purposes, such as verifying the validity of credit card numbers for online transactions or for security testing in a controlled, ethical environment.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to respect privacy and security measures when handling sensitive financial information, and to always obtain proper authorization before using any credit card information.

Skew for After Effects plugins v.1.51

Skew makes adjusting layers in bulks extremely easy by letting you directly touch layers in its own dedicated timeline.

Changes instantly apply to your real layers, letting you audition your new arrangement and revisit them quickly.

Interacting with layers directly makes it easier to iterate over different ideas, and make more artistic choices, faster.

Download Skew 1.51 for After Effects and enjoy the best experience where you will find what you needed and what you searched for. Our site also provides templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Luts, Royalty free sound effects and much more.

Skew makes adjusting layers in bulks extremely easy by letting you directly touch layers in its own dedicated timeline.

This is Skew
A superpowered dedicated timeline that makes it extremely easy to sequence layers in After Effects, in almost any way you can imagine

Sequence layers with a quick drag from the top. Slide up and down to form an arrow

Adjust spacing between layers by dragging from the sides

Make adjustments to multiple layers using a soft, resizable brush

Flip Horizontally
Reverse the time of selected layers

Flip Vertically
Reverse the order of selected layers

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If you’re happy with Windows 7, however, you won’t be pleased with Windows 10. In fact, it’s a little too polished. The Windows interface is just as bright and colorful as the likes of Apple’s Mac OS X. It’s true that Windows 8 became much more intuitive when developers had time to get familiar with the new environment, but Windows 10 has more to offer with a smoother, more intuitive interface.

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Adobe Stock Premium Cookie Free download 2022 ( Daily Update )

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Create an Azure Free Account Quickly and Easily 2022

There are so many ways to get started with Azure, it can feel a bit overwhelming. If you’re new to the world of cloud-based services or hybrid solutions, you might not know where to begin. If you’re just starting out with Azure, it can feel like there are a thousand things you should know first. Should you set up an Azure subscription? Which type of subscription do you need? How much does it cost? What kind of support contract do you need? Where do you begin? To get started with Azure as quickly and easily as possible, here is a step-by-step guide that will take you from knowing nothing about Azure to being ready to implement your first few services.

Create an Azure Free Trial Account

If you don’t already have an Azure account, your first step is to sign up for a free trial account. Azure free trial accounts are extremely easy to set up, and they give you complete access to all of the core Azure services. This includes support so you can talk to Azure support staff if you get stuck. The free trial account lasts for 30 days, and then you need to either sign up for a paid subscription or end the trial. No money is exchanged at any point in the process. At the end of the 30-day trial, you will be given the option to convert your account to a paid subscription, or you can just end the trial and walk away without paying anything.

Get Familiar With the Azure Portal

The Azure portal is the center of all Azure operations. You will use it regularly to manage your Azure subscriptions and services, and you should familiarize yourself with it as soon as possible. Sign into your Azure account and click the “portal” link in the top menu to go to the portal. Once there, you should take some time to explore the portal and learn where everything is. It’ll take a few minutes, but once you know your way around the portal, you’ll never have to look at the Azure documentation again.

Create an Azure Storage Account

The easiest way to get started with Azure is to create an Azure storage account. You’ll use this storage account to store files, including images, documents, and code. You can also use it to store backups or any other data that you want to keep safe and secure. To create a storage account, click “new” in the main menu and then click “storage account.” You’ll be prompted to enter some basic information about your new storage account, and you’ll have the option to add some advanced features as well. Once you’ve created your storage account, you can start uploading files.

Create an Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL databases are a great way to get started with Azure and easily add scalable database functionality to your applications. You can choose between a “standard” and a “premium” plan, depending on your needs. If you’re just getting started and aren’t sure how much database traffic your application will receive, you should use the “standard” plan. This will let you get started quickly, and then you can always upgrade to the “premium” plan once your application is up and running. Note that you need to create a “new database” and not an “existing database.” If you try to add an existing database, you will get an error.


Once you’ve created your Azure free trial account and started adding services like storage and a SQL database, you can start building hybrid applications. You can use tools like Visual Studio and ASP.NET to build and deploy cloud-based solutions that seamlessly integrate Azure services into your applications. The best way to start with Azure is to create a free trial account and get started adding services to your Azure subscription. Once you’re familiar with the basic features available in the Azure portal, you’ll be ready to start building hybrid solutions that seamlessly integrate with Azure.

How to create account

  1. Go to the Azure Home Page.
  2. Click on Free Azure Account on the top right corner. …
  3. Click on Start Free.
  4. Sign-in/Sign-up for a Microsoft account using an email address and password.
  5. Enter your Country/Region and Date of Birth and click next.

6. Enter the verification code received on the email address and click next.

7. Type the captcha you see on your screen and click on next.

8. You’ll be redirected to the Azure Sign-up page. Enter your Region, Name, Phone number, Email address. Note: You should use the same email address for Azure sign-up and for the Microsoft account.

9. Verify your phone number by clicking Text Me or Call Me and enter the verification code received.

10. Enter the payment details. Make sure you have a Master Card/American Express/ Visa Credit card and international payments should be enabled.

11. Check the Terms and Conditions and click Sign-up.

12. You have successfully created a Microsoft Azure free account and now have a lumpsum balance of $200.

13. Click on Portal on the top right corner of the screen. You’ll be redirected to the Azure portal.

14. If you have exhausted your free credit then you have to move to the Pay as you go subscription policy.

Azure Bin

💳| BIN: 41217713850xxxxx
🔻| Exp: 04/23
⚪️| CVV: rnd or 000
📮| IP: Any (Change Payment Country To USA🇺🇸)

Note 👉 For Azure must use fresh IP and unused number, for better results use CCN

Bolandes – Vintage Monoline

Ready to enhance your branding? Looking for that “something” that’ll make your audience go WOW and clients get on board immediately? Ready to enhance your branding? Looking for that “something” that’ll make your audience go WOW and clients get on board immediately?

Vintage Bridge-A Monoline Scipt Font

Vintage Bridge is a typeface that is made in uppercase and lowercase characters. An excellent choice to add the right amount of retro touch. This typeface with artistic style looks very interesting for loads of different projects and promotions. A great all-in-one package for your logo, book cover, poster, t-shirt, branding, and advertisement needs.


  • Ligatures
  • Alternates
  • Stylistic Set
  • PUA Encoded
  • Numerals and Punctuation

Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is sure to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart! This decorative display font should fill your needs for beautifuly crafted Irish style lettering. Medieval Gaelic meets uncial script in a fusion of mostly circle based characters designed to repeat themselves and take up horizontal space. While it’s majuscule in nature there are several “alternates” found in the lowercase letters to give a bit of variety. Basic latin, punctuation, European accents, kerning, and a few Celtic knots are available. These can be accessed by using your program’s glyphs panel. If your program doesn’t support OTF features try some of the trademark symbols such as ® and ™. Use it for greeting cards, posters, or a pub logo.

Mussles – Workout Apps UI Kits

MUSSLES is a Minimaslist design UI Kits for Workout App with 80+ screens.

has been equipped with grouping and naming for each group so that you can edit it more easily and have a light and dark theme.

with this UI Kit it will make it easier and faster to work on your personal project.

What will you get :
✔️ 90+ Premium screens
✔️ Dark and Light Theme
✔️ Full customizable
✔️ Modern and minimalist style
✔️ Neatly & Organized Layer
✔️ Global style guide

I hope this will help you, and make your clients happy !!
90+ Premium screens
Dark and Light Theme
Full customizable
Modern and minimalist style
Neatly & Organized Layer
Global style guide

Margaret E-commerc App


Hi, Margaret Theme is more than usual theme. It is a powerful design tool. Margaret is outstanding E-commerc theme. It will be perfect solution for your current or future app. It has all required tools and modules to create super fast responsive app with amazing UX. Great variety of numerous layouts and styles allows to create different structures and satisfies any specific requirements. Everything you need is in Margaret. You can avoid expensive app development and minimize your design costs using Premium theme Margaret. Gain full control over your entire App through your own Content Management System that lets you change the navigation, site content, images, products, collections and so much more. Premium Margaret is the best choice for your store!…
We will upgrade and update the store manager app as soon as possible


  • 100% High-Quality vectors
  • 150+ Premium Screens
  • Well Organized Layers and Groups
  • 375 x 812 px Resolution
  • 100% Fully Customizable
  • Works in Sketch, Figma & Adobe XD

– Indesign
– Figma
– Sketch