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How to Sign Up For Amazon Prime Video Premium

You may have heard about Amazon Prime Video Premium, but are unsure how to sign up? You can view the content you’re interested in with this service by following a few simple steps. First, you’ll need an Amazon account. After you’ve signed up for an Amazon account, visit the Sign In page. Click the “Subscribe and Watch” link in the menu. It will take you to a page that will help you set up your subscription. You’ll be asked to provide your billing and payment information. You’ll be prompted to confirm your subscription, so make sure you do this before your renewal date.

Next, you’ll need a cookie to watch your videos. On an Android device, you’ll need to use the “Yandex” browser to access your account and watch Amazon Prime Video premium content. You can find this cookie in the Chrome web store by searching “EditThisExtension”. After downloading the extension, click the link and install it on your browser. After that, visit the website to view your prime video content. Afterward, you’ll need to log out of your account.

Alternatively, you can access a free Amazon Prime Video app. This app allows you to access a massive database of movies and television shows. With more than a hundred thousand titles to choose from, you’ll have a great selection of movies to watch. Amazon has an extensive catalogue of films, including new releases, current shows, and their popular Amazon Originals. This allows you to access a great selection of movies and TV shows from around the world.


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  •  Download the cookie-editor HERE 
  •  Copy the following Cookies into the Cookie-editor 
  • Please open Prime Video
  •  If it says “unknown error” there is no problem, please reload your browser.
  • Please don’t LOG OUT or SIGN OUT after using it, you just exit the browser 
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